Greater Redmond TMA works with companies that are Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) affected to create programs to reduce single occupancy vehicles to the worksite. CTR program elements may include subsidies for transit fares, flexible work schedules, telework/telecommuting opportunities, or other tailored options.

Many properties have a Transportation Management Program agreement with the City of Redmond. The agreement includes a performance goal and elements (i.e., transit subsidies, bicycle racks, HOV parking, etc.) to reduce traffic generated to the site during peak morning and afternoon periods. Greater Redmond TMA can help with program design and implementation.

Each Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) organization or Transportation Management Program (TMP) affected site is required to have an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) or Site Transportation Coordinator (STC) to administer their program. A cost-effective option for many of our members is for Greater Redmond TMA to staff and administer the Commute Trip Reduction Program or Transportation Management Program.

Greater Redmond TMA staff have extensive experience with Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) and Transportation Management Programs. They work with clients to implement new programs and increase employee participation and satisfaction.

Greater Redmond TMA has a comprehensive CTR marketing program. It includes numerous promotions (e.g., Tour de Redmond, Wheel Options) throughout the year. The promotions are designed to encourage employees to try a commute alternative and reward those who are already using a commute alternative.