From 1989 to the present, the Greater Redmond TMA, a private,non-profit corporation in Redmond, Washington, has enabled organizations and commuters in Redmond and the greater eastside of Puget Sound to achieve Transportation Demand Management goals.

The Greater Redmond TMA’s long list of local, regional and national awards and recognition only serves to underscore its dedication to carrying out its mission and meeting its objectives.


Increase commuter mobility and efficient use of transportation systems through services, incentives, education, and the promotion of single occupancy vehicle alternatives to our members.


In support of our mission to increase commuter mobility, Greater Redmond TMA has five main objectives:

• Assist members with regulatory compliance
• Increase transportation system awareness
• Decrease single occupancy vehicle trips
• Advocate transportation solutions through direct and cooperative relationships
• Initiate, implement and enhance transportation demand management programs

Jeff Aumell, Microsoft –President
Mike Nichols, Nintendo of America – Vice President
Mike Nelson, Nelson Legacy Group – Treasurer
Erika Vandenbrande, City of Redmond – Secretary
Brett White, AT&T
Eric Wollerman, Honeywell
Courtney Klein, Redmond Town Center
Joan Adkisson, Physio-Control
Bart Phillips, OneRedmond